April Acts of Remembrance #AAR

17-24-30 NationalHCAW

17-24-30 was founded in March 2009 in response to an article that suggested; the anniversaries cause pain and suffering, the communities affected by these attacks don't care and these anniversaries should be played down.

We believe we have a duty:

  • to organise these acts of remembrance as long as there are people who wish to gather.
  • to stand in solidarity with those affected by these attacks as long as they need us.
  • to educate people about these attacks to prevent them happening again.

Which is why we organise the April Acts of Remembrance: to remember those we lost,  stand with those affected by these attacks and educate future generations so that we can eliminate all forms of hate.



We asked all the venues on Old Compton Street to show their support for the April Acts of Remembrance by displaying Rainbow flags in their windows throughout April  (as requested by the Moore family in tribute to Nik Moore who was killed in the Soho bombing along with his friends Andrea Dykes and John Light). 

We also remembered David Morely (Sinders) who survived the bombing but was killed five years later on the South Bank (30th October 2004)  by a group of youths in a so-called "happy slapping" incident, and Thomas Douglas who passed away in 2017.

NB: Every  year we get a number of media requests for survivors to talk about these events. Our policy is that we do not contact survivors unless they have given us explicit consent for us to contact them. We share any media requests via our monthly newsletter and social media profiles so that survivors, friends and family can respond directly to any requests.

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17th April 2019 - Brixton Remembered 17-24-30


24th APril 2019 - Brick Lane Remembered 17-24-30


30th April 2019 - Soho RememberED 17-24-30

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April Acts of Remembrance Archive

Brixton #AAR 2020

Come along and join us for the 21st anniversary of the Brixton Nail Bomb on the 17th April 2020

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Brick Lane #AAR 2020

Come along and join us for the 21st anniversary of the Brick Lane Bomb on the 24th April 2020

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Soho #AAR 2020

Come along and join us for the 21st anniversary of the Soho Nail Bomb on the 30th April 2020

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Brixton #AAR 2019


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Brick Lane #AAR 2019


Brick Lane Album 2019

Soho #AAR 2019


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Brixton #AAR 2015


Brixton Album 2015

Brick Lane #AAR 2015


Anniversary was not observed in Brick Lane due to trip to Tokyo with Olympic Torch.

Soho #AAR 2015


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Brixton #AAR 2014


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Brixton 10th anniversary


10th anniversary of the Brixton Nail Bomb was marked with a protest.

17-24-30 Facebook Group


17-24-30 launched as a Facebook group a month before the 10th anniversaries.

Click here to view Facebook Group

Soho 10th anniversary


10th anniversary of the Admiral Duncan Nail Bomb

Brixton Plaque


8th November 2000, a plaque was installed on the wall of the Iceland Store, using funds raised by the Brixton Bomb Appeal Committee.

Brick Lane Plaque


A plaque was finally installed on the 24th April 2019, marking the 20th anniversary of the Brick Lane Nail Bombing

Soho Plaque


The original plaque went missing in 2013, this a photo of the replacement plaque which was installed in the same year.

David Morley (aka Sinders) Killed 30th October 2004

David outside the Admiral Duncan


David Morley survived the Admiral Duncan Nail bomb attack 30th April 1999.

David Morley (aka Sinders)


30 Oct 2004 David and his friend attacked on the South Bank - he died later the same day.

Five years later, 30th Oct 2009 David was remembered during the first London Vigil Against Hate Crime for Ian Baynham. 

 View archive here.

Candle-lit Vigil for David


5 Nov 2004 a candle-lit vigil was held in St Anne's Gardens, attended by over a thousand people.

Link to BBC article about the candle-lit vigil

St Anne's Garden, Wardour Street, Soho.

Tuesday 14th October 5 pm 2003


Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London unveiled a triangular oak bench designed by Simon Kidd in St Anne's Gardens, Wardour Street. 

The bench has come to symbolise the three communities of Lambeth, Tower Hamlets and Westminster united together against hate crime.

Three Cherry Trees planted in St Anne's Garden


In the corner of St Anne's Gardens are three cherry trees which were planted in memory of Andrea Dykes, John Light and Nik Moore.

Soho Plaque - Goodness is stronger than evil


The original Soho plaque went missing in 2013, 17-24-30 NationalHCAW liaised with Westminster Council to replace it.

Admiral Duncan - Soho 1999

Flowers Moved to Soho Gardens


 Tuesday 4th May 1999 – Soho Square, after the bomb on Old Compton Street. Flowers placed outside The Admiral Duncan were moved to Soho Square. 

Vigil outside the Admiral Duncan


 7th May 1999 Speakers include Peter Tatchell, and pictured above Ken Livingstone MP, Darryl Telles Lesbian & Gay Coalition against Racism, Tess Joseph Jewish Gay & Lesbian Group, Stephen Kristian Outrage!, Teresa Bennett Anti-Nazi League, Tom Robinson singing “Glad to be Gay”(with updated lyrics), Sue Sanders Schools Out andSukwant Dhaliwal Southall Black Sisters. 

Admiral Duncan Re-opens


The Admiral Duncan re-opened on Friday 2nd July 1999 at 18:37 exactly nine weeks after the nail bomb attack on the 30th April 1999.

BBC Article about Re-opening

March against Hate Crime


 Saturday 1st May 1999 (OUTRAGE) Lambeth UNISON, backed by the Anti-Nazi League, the National Assembly Against Racism, The National Black Alliancem and the Movement for Justice joined a number of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Community groups including Outrage!, Stonewall and the London Lesbian & Gay Switchboard. 

Prince Charles visit


Prince Charles visited the Admiral Duncan on the 3rd May 1999

(c) Getty Image by Peter Jordan

London Gay Men's Chorus


 Tuesday 4th May, the members of the London Gay Men’s Chorus gathered up the bouquets of flowers and massages outside the Admiral Duncan, and in a procession watched by people lining the streets, walked them several hundred years to Soho Square. 

London Nail Bomb Attacks - 3 killed/140+ injured

Andrea Dykes


Andrea Dykes and her unborn child were killed in the Admiral Duncan.

John Light


John Light was killed in the Admiral Duncan.

Nik Moore


Nik Moore was killed in the Admiral Duncan.

Saturday 17th April 1999


The first of three nail bombs was targeted against the Black community of Brixton.. It exploded in Brixton Market injuring 48 people.

Saturday 24th April 1999


The second nail bomb was targeted at the Bengali community of Brick Lane. It exploded injuring 13 people.

Friday 30th April 1999


The third bomb explored in the Admiral Duncan killing three people and injuring 79 people.