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H.O.P.E. stands for hate crime awareness, operational responses to hate crime, preventing hate crime and empowering communities to respond to hate crime.

This year we have developed a series of social media graphics to promote H.O.P.E. in the lead up to National Hate Crime Awareness Week #NationalHCAW that takes place between Saturday 13th to 20th  October this year.

We welcome you to develop your own artwork to take part in this campaign.

 We want to take people on a journey – hence the three hashtags we use #WeStandTogether (Green a traditional start colour) aiming to bring people together, #NoPlaceForHate (Red a traditional stop colour) opposing

hate crime in our communities, #SafePlaceForAll (Blue representing

blue skies ahead where we can live in peace and harmony together. 

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Register your hate crime awareness events with us so we can place them on the NationalHCAW google map we have set up - showing events around the UK.

Contact us if you would like to embed the Google Map on your websites!

 We want to promote as many hate crime awareness events as possible.

You are welcome to use the #NationalHCAW logo  - All we ask is you send us a copy so we can add it to our #NationalHCAW archive.

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Hate Crime Awareness


Making sure everyone knows what hate crime is, what impact it has on our communities and how we can work together to prevent it.

Operational Responses to Hate Crime


Understand how the police respond to hate crime, and think how we can prepare our communities and ourselves to respond as well.

Prevention of Hate Crime


Making sure we learn from previous hate crime attacks so that we can prevent them happening again.

Empowering Communities


Ensuring local authorities consult, resource and involve our communities in the process and development of local hate crime action plans.

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